For over 1000 years Islam was the dominant religion on the planet.

After 1700 Islam declined, and Christianity replaced it as the world's dominant religion. However even today Islam is the second largest religion on the planet and is actually growing faster than Christianity.

Why did Islam decline? We don't pretend to know the answer. The subject is debated inside Islam today. Accusations are made. Ideas are discussed. There are disputes between Sunnis and Shiites.  There is a debate about the role of the Wahhabi ideology in Sunni Islam.  There is even a debate about this inside Saudi Arabia itself.

Who knows where all this will go.

What we do know for sure is that things are clearly not going well inside the western states. Europe and America hold themselves up as a shining example of what to do but it is all too apparent that they are in many ways an example of what not to do. We could look at the destruction of the environment, the huge levels of wars inside this world. So it's not at all clear that the American dream is the future. It's not at all clear that Christianity is the future. It's not at all clear at all. Indeed Christianity is mired in more internal disputes than Islam, and when you look at history you see that Christianity was mired in internal disputes from the day it was created and those internal disputes led to the majority of the world Christians converting to Islam in the first two centuries of Islam. Could this happen today? We don't claim to know. What we do claim is that the study of Islam is important. The study of Islam matters, and the future of the world cannot be put together if Islam is ignored. This is a fact so people need to learn more about Islam and make their own conclusions.